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Gear up your career by learning advance excel course online data visualizations, pivot tables, formulas and many more. Get Industry Recognized Certification.
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This Advanced Excel Course Online will teach you everything you need to know to master advanced Excel skills and Excel functions. You’ll learn how to use Excel for data analysis, visualization, and automation. You’ll also learn how to create custom Excel functions and macros.

Excel is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, from simple data entry to complex financial modeling. But if you want to take your Excel skills to the next level, you need to learn the advanced features of the program.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Use advanced Excel formulas and functions for data analysis
  • Create charts and dashboards to visualize your data
  • Automate tasks using Excel macros and VBA
  • Create custom Excel functions to meet your specific needs

Who Should Take This Course:

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn advanced Excel skills, including:

  • Business analysts
  • Data analysts
  • Financial analysts
  • Office professionals
  • Anyone who wants to advance their career in Excel

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Learn from experienced instructors
  • Get hands-on experience with real-world Excel examples
  • Prepare for a career in advanced Excel
  • Earn a certificate of completion

Course at a glance

Delivery Mode: Online with live classes
Device: Desktop/Mobile Friendly
Language: English / Hindi
Difficulty Level: No Prior Knowledge? Not Required
Duration: 18 Hours
Modules + Project: 10 Modules + 1 Project
Doubt Clearing Session: Yes
      • Topic 01: Quick Analysis
      • Topic 02: Lookup Functions
      • Topic 03: Match & Index
      • Topic 04: V lookup from Multiple Table
      • Topic 05: Dynamic V Lookup
      • Topic 06: SUMPRODUCT Function
      • Topic 01: Common Error Massages in Excel
      • Topic 02: Advanced uses of Macro
      • Topic 01: Introduction to ASAP Utilities
      • Topic 01: Select cells with the smallest & largest number
      • Topic 02: Insert multiple sheets
      • Topic 03: Create an index page with links to all sheets
      • Topic 04: Print Multiple sheets at once
      • Topic 05: Set print area on selected worksheets
      • Topic 06: Protect & Unprotect multiple sheets at once
      • Topic 07: Count and/or after current value
      • Topic 08: Merge column data
      • Topic 09: Insert multiple empty rows at once
      • Topic 10: Remove all empty Columns & Rows
      • Topic 11: Put together rows or column from several sheets
      • Topic 12: Change Case
      • Topic 13: Delete all after a given number of characters
      • Topic 01: Spell/Write out numbers or amounts
      • Topic 02: Some useful formulas of ASAP
      • Topic 03: Store files in One Drive
      • Topic 04: Introduction to Google Drive
      • Topic 05: Form Creation, Sending and Receiving response
      • Topic 06: Mail Merge through Google Drive
  • Flash Fill & Data Validation
  • Quick Analysis
  • Data Table & Solver
  • Financial Functions
  • Sort & Filter
  • Power Pivot
  • Macro
  • Array Functions
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Google Drive
  • Project on Advanced Excel

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum 10+2 qualified
Pursuing Graduation
Must clear common entry test conducted by ICA
Can join from any location of their convenience

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Why Should You Learn Advanced Excel Online?

Love Analysis? Excel is Your Cup of Tea

If analyzing, interpreting and organizing data pumps you, then an Excel course online is for you!

Excel is Your Guiding Star

No matter from which domain or industry you belong, MS Excel online will be your guiding star at every step of your career. Well, without excel, there is no way forward!

Businesses Reach Excellence with Excel

Every business needs Excel. Individuals who invest their time in online Microsoft Excel are able to hone their skills. With these in-demand skills, an individual is able to help an organization to reach excellence.

90% Practical & 10% Theory

We believe in vocational education and hence our curriculum is based on 90% practical training and 10% theory. Our courses help you become job-ready.

Learn From the Comfort of Your Home

With our online course, you can learn from anywhere and everywhere at your convenience. Save time and money at the same time!

Choose the Right Career Path

Make the right career choice with our counseling sessions. Be guided towards the path of progress.

How will your Advance Excel Training work?

  • Get Hands on Experience

    With our live project made by industry experts and academia

  • Live Videos, Case Studies & Self Paced Learning

    With our live videos, learning seems simpler and interesting. Just watch the videos and get your concepts cleared

  • Test Your Knowledge

    With our Learnersmall App, you can test your concepts with assignments and quizzes

  • Get Doubts Cleared

    Our academia & trainers are always here to help you get your doubts solved

  • Sit for the Final Exam

    Your training will be completed once you take the final exams

  • Get Industry Recognized Certification

    You will be certified in Advanced Excel by ICA Edu Skills and MOS. At the end of the course, you will have acquired in-demand skills


Frequently Asked Questions

  • All examinations will be conducted online and after completion of each module.
  • Common / Final exam will be conducted after completion of all the modules and their assessments.
  • Students identity validation and surveillance is a must during the exam time.
  • Non-submission of assessments in time will be considered as if not attempted.
  • Fees once paid shall not be refunded
  • Students have the flexibility to switch their batch depending upon the availability at an additional cost of Rs. 1000/- per switch
  • Re-examination fees of Rs 500/- is applicable each time in case of re-appear owing to either absenteeism or failing to pass
  • Re-admission fee will be 20% of Course Fee, in case a student fails to complete the course in 12 months of time.
  • Readmission will be valid for a period of 6 months
  • On account of Non-payment of any fees (EMIs, if any) beyond 7 days of the due date, students will not be permitted to attend any further classes and all access to the content and e-learning modules will be withdrawn.
  • Laptop or desktop along with stable internet connection & a webcam.
  • Smartphone to access the e-content.
  • Minimum 10+2 qualified
  • Pursuing Graduation
  • Must clear common entry test conducted by ICA
  • Can join from any location of their convenience
  • Must complete their graduation in any stream.
  • ICA shall only be assisting the candidates in finding a paid internship in case of students pursuing graduation or are undergraduate after compilation of course.
  • ICA has placement offices across 30+ cities with a huge employer base. Our priority will be to place the candidate within the city nearest to their place. In case of vacancies not arising during the specific time, we shall be providing the opportunities across other cities.
  • Students must clear all the assessments post completion of every such module followed by one common/final exam towards the end.
  • If a student is found using malpractice/unfair means, he will be suspended.
  • In case of Student’s knowledge is not found sufficient, ICA may call the student to appear for assessment in person at any of the nearest ICA centers.
  • Students will have access to ICA’s “Learnersmall” application on the Google Play Store
  • E-content has been made available in the English language along with various notes, self-assessments and mock examinations.
  • Physical books are also available as an option but at an extra cost.
  • All classes will be conducted online by ICA HO
  • Online classes will be conducted through Zoom / Google meet / MS Teams or any other similar platforms.
  • In case any student is not able to attend any class, the Recorded session will be available to view later.
  • Any chosen course has to be completed within 12 months from the date of  the 1st class allotment.
  • After completion of the course, if the knowledge level of the candidate is not found to be desirable, the student may choose any of the ICA centers, as PCP center (Personal Contact Point) for the brush-up of the key course content(Practical modules) and practicing live projects.
  • Students must complete the additional deliveries within the span of maximum 3 months.
  • The above arrangement is subject to batch availability and at no extra cost.

No, you will be getting a soft copy of the certificate in your student portal. 

As the training will be completely online, you can choose to spend any amount of time you want. On average, it’s best to spend at least 1-2 hours everyday to be able to complete the course in 18 hours.

No, as it will be in an online mode, there are no fixed timings of the course.

You will be taught in both English and Hindi depending on your preferences. 

You can start the course online by filling out the form with the required information and a batch will be assigned accordingly. 

Your access to the portal and content will be discontinued. 

You need to show us the reason for not being able to complete the course. Based on verification of the same, you would be provided with alternative options.

Approximately one is expected to spend 1 hr daily for TallyPrime with Business Accounting practice for a smooth completion of the course.

The course has a duration of 4 weeks, which means you will be able to access the student portal, LMS app and other platforms for 4 weeks only.

No, our course can be pursued from the comfort of your home with laptop and mobile. 

You can try making the payment from a different card. Or you can follow the instructions of making payment here.

You can email us at the registered email address (XX) along with your screenshot of the transaction. Once it is verified, the payment will be refunded. 


Get The Best E-learning Experience with ICA!


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