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6 Benefits of Opting for an Accounting Course Online

An accountant will always be able to secure themselves, no matter what the condition of the economy is. 

The degree is a long-term security, although it is very crucial that you upskill yourself in this field. 

This detailed blog will highlight the benefits of pursuing an accounting degree online and the top 5 certification courses. 

But, first let’s understand what accounting is and why it is such an in-demand skill in today’s time! 

What is Accounting? 

Accounting is the process by which financial information of a business is reported. 

This includes summarizing, analyzing and reporting these transactions to tax collecting agencies, oversight agencies and regulators. 

Furthermore, the demand for accounting professionals is growing exponentially. The revenue generated by accounting and finance has increased by 7% due to the expansion of the business sector. 

What are the Benefits of Pursuing an Accounting Course Online? 

The Indian accountancy market had an annual growth rate of 7.7% between 2016 and 2020. 

Yes, you heard it right! 

That is how fast this industry is growing. If you are an aspiring accountant, it’s crucial that you have the right skills to land a higher salary package and position. 

Let’s have a look at the benefits of pursuing an accounting course online: 

  • Salary Potential 

With the right skills and knowledge, comes a higher salary package. 

But, how do you land it? 

You can pursue an accounting course online with ICA Online, India’s number one vocational training institute. 

It offers both long term courses like the Certified Industrial Accountant which emphasizes on GST, Tally and SAP FICO. 

What more? 

It offers Triple Certification AdvantageSAP FICO, Microsoft and ICA! 

It has an updated curriculum, 100% job assurance and offers hands-on experience with its 7 simulation softwares. 

You can be rest assured that after completion of the accounting course online, you can earn a starting salary of 1.4- 3 Lakh per annum. 

Invest a minimal amount and learn skills of a lifetime from ICA Online! 

  • Learn at your Own Pace 

The biggest advantage of learning an accounting course online is that you can learn it at your own pace. 

More than 71% of students reported that the biggest benefit of online courses was its flexibility. 

Not only will you enhance your skills and knowledge, you will be able to do it in your own hours. 

  • Reasonable Fees 

The fees are not a pinch in your pocket when you are pursuing an accounting course online from ICA Online. 

That’s the biggest benefit when you think about it. 

  • Pitch in and Make More Meaningful Contributions at the Workplace 

Previously in the company meeting, you were under confident because you were not able to contribute your insights in the meeting. 

No more! 

With your accounting knowledge, pitch in your thoughts and opinions to your Chief Financial Officer and be applauded. 

In addition, you can suggest changes for improvement to the upper management and determine the organization’s financial health. 

  • Career Advancement 

Even if you are not an accountant by profession, accounting knowledge can help you in advancing your career. 

You will become a valuable asset for your company and a more suitable candidate for other roles. 

With this knowledge, you can easily transition into finance or accounting roles. As per research, employment in accounting roles will witness an increase. 

  • Entrepreneurial Success 

Thinking of opening your own business but don’t know where to start? 

Then, start with accounting. 

It will help you establish your own business. Whether it’s managing costs, cash flow, invoices, vendors, you will be able to do it without needing to hire someone for this role. 

An accounting course online will bring you one step closer to your dream. 

Top 4 Accounting Course Online:

Tally is among the most popular professional courses which are pursued by graduates or working professionals due to the numerous job opportunities it offers. 

The course is designed to help candidates become proficient in the field of accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, inventory management, billing, and so forth. 

The most recent release of accounting Software is Tally ERP 9. Here are a few companies that offer online certification courses for Tally-

  • ICA Online:

ICA Online multiple accounting courses online which are both long and short-term. Let’s see the benefits of opting for this: 

  1. The course has 40% theoretical and 60% practical applications to develop your conceptual knowledge 
  2. Comprehensive online sessions & hands-on training
  3. 7 simulation software 
  • Skillshare: 

Skillshare offers a number of programs for students in the field of accounting. These courses can be availed at a reasonable cost, although its nothing compared to that of ICA Online. 

  • Udemy:

Udemy has emerged as a popular platform for learning. It offers courses such as TallyPrime with GST, Tally ERP 9, and many more. This multitude of courses is accessible for under INR 500 and can be learnt from the comfort of your home. 

  • Coursera:

Coursera, like Udemy, is an online learning platform. It offers various online accounting courses by top universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, University of California, Irvine, etc. 

So, stop searching for accounting courses online and enroll with ICA Online today! 

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